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Debra's phenomenally successful book GMC: GOAL, MOTIVATION AND CONFLICT began life as a popular interactive workshop.

In self-defense and for the sake of variety, Debra developed a variety of programs on the craft and business of writing, but requests for GMC never end.  That's a good thing because GMC is and always will be near and dear to Debra's heart.  The top full-day workshop request is GMC with Hero's Journey, affectionately called "Book In A Day" because the workshop provides all the tools a writer needs to pull a book together.

Some workshop topics that might interest you:

  • GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict
  • The Hero's Journey - an exploration of plot
  • Integrating GMC with the Hero's Journey
  • The Big Black Moment - exploring a character's emotional crisis
  • First Chapters
  • Conflict
  • Working With the "Unlikable" character

(If you can articulate a topic, Debra's got an opinion.)

  • Various workshops may be combined for full-day or weekend presentations.

  • Programs are flexible and tailored to the skill level and time constraints of the host group.

  • Programs will work effectively for beginning and advanced groups, including published authors.

For more information, speaker fee/expenses, and other details, please contact Debra.

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