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From Jamie Hill of Signal Mountain, TN, US on 4/27/2011

Hi Debra, My son and I enjoyed your talk tonight about writing. We viewed your website and thought it was great. Thank you for you work! Sincerely, Jo and Joshua
From Jo Long of Memphis, TN, USA on 9/28/2005

Attended your fun and inspiring GMC workshop yesterday in Waynesville, NC. I plan to apply the lessons learned yesterday to my work in progress. Thank you for motivating me to continue. Joanne Meyer
From Joanne Meyer of Clyde, NC, USA on 5/29/2005

Admire your accomplishments. Purchased Mossy Creek book in Dahlonega. I'm from these parts (White County, Ga.) and I understand! I've finished my first novel and I'm on the bumpy road to long-term writing. Em
From Emily Lund of Gainesville, GA, USA on 5/27/2005

Hi, Debra: Met you in Salt Lake City once at an RWA where you taught GMC. Do you have a schedule of any trips out West for GMC or the full day with Hero's Journey? Thanks.
From Kathleen Wright of sandy, Utah, usa on 2/25/2005

Super site! I'll try to treat you with more respect at our next gathering (yeah! right!). Quite an accomplishment. We are all proud of you!
From Mike Martin of Savannah, TN, USA on 12/28/2004

Neato cool!!!!! You're just the renaisssance woman of the 21st century! :)
From Esther Wu of Altadena, California, USA on 12/13/2004

She is best romance writer I have read. O.k., I'm being biast, she is my aunt...but she is still the best romance writer ever!
From Shelby Smith of Charleston, SC, USA on 12/13/2004

Sharp, Good work. We are proud of You.
From Warner  Berry of Lakeview, Ar., U.S.A. on 12/12/2004

Welcome to NovelTalk, Debi!
From Karen Fox of Colorado Springs, CO, US on 11/25/2004

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