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The Mossy Creek Hometown series (collective novels)

At Home in Mossy Creek
BelleBooks - July 2007 - ISBN 078-0-976-87608-3

It's Valentine's Day weekend in Mossy Creek, and romantic chaos erupts everywhere! Complicating matters is a small, quirky, touring circus, stranded in town when their bus breaks down. With mimes, jugglers, bear tamers and acrobats running amuck, no heart is safe!

A Day in Mossy Creek
BelleBooks - July 2006- ISBN 0-9768760-4-3

"A terrific Southern rural hometown story . . . readers  will treasure the latest antics of the Belles and Beaus of Mossy Creek." -- Harriet Klausner, Midwest Reviews

"I can hardly wait to get the next book about Mossy Creek." -- Chloe LeMay, Rock Hill Herald, South Carolina

Mossy Creek
BelleBooks - June 2001 - ISBN 0-9673035-1-6
Berkley mass market paperback - February 2003 -
ISBN 0-425-18916-3

“This is not your average anthology. Deborah Smith, Donna Ball, Nancy Knight, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon, Virginia Ellis did the unimaginable: they had me reading a book written in first person and enjoying it.” -- Fatin Shukri, Romance Reviews Today

"This is one town I loved visiting and look forward to revisiting when the sequel is released next year. Take the time and make the effort to search out this unique and wonderful anthology, you won’t be disappointed." -- Jill Smith, Romantic Times

Reunion At Mossy Creek
BelleBooks - June 2002 - ISBN 0-9673035-3-2
Berkley mass market paperback - January 2003 -
ISBN 0-425-19122-2

"Written as a series of vignettes tied together through the reunion, the story line is humorous and sad focusing on how a pivotal event can change lives forever. Though an ensemble, the characters come across as genuine, leaving readers to understand their pain, loneliness, and their need to belong. Fans will enjoy REUNION AT MOSSY CREEK and want to read the previous slice of small town Southern living, MOSSY CREEK." -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"Wild and wacky, REUNION AT MOSSY CREEK is sheer escapism and enjoyment. Please go out and buy yourself a copy today. It's worth reading more than once." -- Astrid Kinn, Romance Reviews Today

Summer in Mossy Creek
BelleBooks - June 2003 - ISBN 0-9673035-4-0
Berkley mass market paperback - May 2004 -
ISBN 0-425-19679-8

"The stories that make up the Mossy Creek anthologies should be savored--they make readers hunger for more. Do not miss the third installment of this wholly entertaining series by Deb Smith, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon, Martha Shields, Anne Bishop, Kim Brock, Susan Goggins, Patti Henry, Judith Kein, Shelly Morris, Bo Sebastian and Carolyn McSparren." -- Jill Smith, Romantic Times

"In the South the drink of choice is iced sweet tea with extra lemons. I raise my glass to the writers of SUMMER IN MOSSY CREEK. They have done themselves proud one more time." -- Jackie Cooper, WMAC-AM, Macon, GA

Blessings of Mossy Creek
Belle Books - June 2004
ISBN 0-9673035-5-9

"If you have never entered the city limits of Mossy Creek, then you should go there immediately.  The books of this series are among the most readable and enjoyable you will find anywhere." -- Jackie K. Cooper

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